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Welcome to Bushido! We are a guild with a long history on the server, and are always looking to expand our ranks to include players who are friendly, helpful and skilled.

Different players look for different things when it comes to selecting a guild, and most of the choices boil down to nurture vs. rigor. If what you are looking for in a guild is exclusively rigor--a competitive atmosphere where the drive to find the next piece of purple loot is the dominant motivation--Bushido probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to find a place where everyone gets along, enjoys each others' company, will help a fellow guildie (or any other player) without looking for reward, and--this above all--believes that by working together they can see everything this game has to offer and overcome any challenge, we just might be your speed.

We are a group of casual gamers who play World of Warcraft to have some fun and get away from it all for a while--a "down home" guild with no delusions of grandeur and no obnoxious members. Any class and level is welcome here.  Please read more about us on the "Guild Info" page, and if we sound like a guild you are interested in joining, please feel free to post on our recruitment forum or contact one of our officers in-game.

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Other Guild News

Bushido 1, Magmaw 0

Kaiten13, Feb 11, 11 9:55 AM.
Thursday night Bushido took its first foray into Blackwing Descent, marking a long awaited return into raiding.  After getting our feet wet and wiping a few times while getting a grasp on the fight mechanics Magmaw was successfully defeated.  Look out Omnitron!  We've got our gaze fixed on you now!

Bushido Downs Gruul!!!

Sylanced, Jan 29, 08 7:09 PM.
Gruul downed in an all-Bushido run.  Nice guys!

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Bushido Downs Nalorakk and Akil'zon!

Osyrus_bushido, Nov 16, 07 4:56 AM.
On 11/15 our first night in Zul'Aman, Bushido dropped the first two bosses in the instance.  No doubt that the rest of ZA will follow soon!  Excellent work!!!

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Bushido has cleared Karazhan!

Amyria, Jul 31, 07 2:20 AM.
On the night of June 29th, Bushido killed Nightbane, making it official we have cleared the tower.  Great job guys!

Bushido slays Netherspite and Illhoof!

Amyria, Jul 22, 07 9:11 PM.
Woot we did it! First we killed the prince, then we down Netherspite after a couple of tries (best fight ever!), and we one-shotted Illhoof.  Well, after all that we went onto Nightbane to see how well we could do.  We didn't kill him, but we did bring him down to 11%!  WOOOOOOT!  Go Bushido!


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Guild Info
Realm/Battlegroup: Dalaran (PvE) / Stormstrike
Faction: Alliance
Founded: November, 2004 (formed in beta)
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Naxx (10-man)

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